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Top tips on driving your  hired van or truck from van hire 

driverIf you are not all that familiar with driving commercial truck or vans here are some guidelines for safe van & truck driving. Practice these basic driving habits so others know your intentions and help prevent accidents.

The Basics

  • Pay attention to road signs pertaining to trucks (weigh station stops, truck or lane restriction signs and overhead clearance postings)
  • Use caution at intersections. Before crossing, check left, then right, then left again
  • Obey all traffic signs and lights, and always use your turn signals
  • Use the vehicle mirrors. Manoeuvring a truck or large van requires more turning area and more room for lane changes
  • Avoid making sudden stops or abrupt lane changes.
  • Never tailgate. Trucks & vans require more time and room to stop. Maintain more than one car length between the truck or van and the vehicle in front of you
  • Take turns driving. If you’re moving alone, bring a friend or family member to help remember our insurance is available for an extra driver if required.
  • Prevent fatigue. Stop every two or three hours if driving long distances.
  • Always wear a seatbelt!

Passing Rules

  • Don’t attempt to pass a vehicle that’s moving faster than 80kph
  • Never pass on hills or curves

Parking Advice

  • Set the emergency/hand brake every time you park.
  • Park with turn the wheels away from the curb with the truck or van faced uphill. Toward the curb when facing downhill
  • Always look for “drive-through” parking spaces. Avoid backing up. If you must back up, ask someone to direct you from the side at the rear
  • Always Park in well-lit area after dark for extra security of the vehicle & your belongings inside. Lock all doors and padlock the tailgate if necessary.
  • At road stops or restaurants, park where you can see the vehicle

Fuel Saving Tips

  • Drive cautiously and obey the speed limits
  • Build upto your desired speed gradually hard acceleration means hard on fule.
  • Ease off of the accelerator early when approaching a stop (This also helps prevent your cargo from shifting)
  • Avoid driving at the truck or vans governed maximum speed
  • Park in a well-lit, secure area to help avoid possible fuel theft shifting)
  • Avoid driving at the truck’s governed maximum speed